production of machines for RICE AND CORN CAKES

En.Gi. Technologies

With production based in Volpiano near Turin, ENGI TECHNOLOGIES focuses its design and manufacturing skills on developing machines and plants for the production of rice and corn cakes.

In 2010, the company completed construction of the new cereal cake machine, passing from the consolidated mechanics to the new electronic systems controlled by a PLC. The machine is manufactured for the production of cereal cakes made with corn, rice, spelt, soft wheat, buckwheat, blends of cereals and pallets.

Today, thanks to its experience and constant technological evolution, ENGI TECHNOLOGIES is able to bring new products to the world market, such as the new machines with a range of three models for small, medium and large rice cake production:

  • XP CAKE6: designed to be combined with high production process plants, and producing 36 rice or corn cakes per minute;
  • XP CAKE3:developed by employing unique design technologies, and producing 18 rice or corn cakes per minute;
  • ONE CAKE: the smallest in the range, it is automatic and the only model of its kind for small production lines.
Our after-sales service guarantees continuous online or direct support for both individual machines and complete packaging lines.

The production process of our machines is managed and controlled directly by the company in-house

ENGI TECHNOLOGIES has a machine tool department for mechanical processing featuring a mix of axis-controlled and traditional machines (milling machines, lathes, automatic lathes and grinding machines).

The production aspect is, and remains, central to the products offered to our customers.

ENGI TECHNOLOGIES can boast the technology and quality assurance of 'MADE IN ITALY'.

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