ENGI TECHNOLOGIES offers Pick & Place and Loading Cell robotization systems set for food processing industry.
Systems are applied at products packaging for primary and secondary wrapper.

Due to many reasons, packaging solutions for Automatic Feeding Systems or Standalone Systems help customers to be orientated in choosing robotized systems.

Packaging systems suggested for large-scale industry all over the world or applications for medium and small industry underpin technological and economics profits, such as:

  • High productive speeding
  • Integration and automation of packaging steps performances
  • Flexibility at specific applications required by the costumer
  • Costumers’ substantive investments and economic return in short lead time


PICK & PLACE system was projected to ensure the transfer with maximum precision and high frequency of product such as: food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, placed in a “random” way on the conveyor belt.

The integrated artificial vision system, allows to identify the position of every products on the belt, communicates the position to the robot which, capturing it, moves them directly on the final tray for the definitive packaging.     


Our high productivity robotic packaging systems are mainly designed for primary packaging, for single products and family packs, to be integrated to secondary packaging, box’s forming and products filling in organized form.

Single products like: biscuits, rusks, crackers, cereal cakes, mini cakes, chocolate bars and snack.

Technological process and high reliability of motion operation are guaranteed thanks to high productive performances.